Yomikata Z --Study Japanese

Yomikata Z --Study Japanese

By Jehutyno

Yomikata Z --Study JapaneseYomikata Z --Study JapaneseYomikata Z --Study JapaneseYomikata Z --Study JapaneseYomikata Z --Study JapaneseYomikata Z --Study JapaneseYomikata Z --Study Japanese

** The solely application the place you learn Hiragana, Katakana and Kanjis in a context sentence

** Study vocabulary for JLPT from level N5 to N1 with a database of 7500 phrases continually enhanced by user feedbacks

** Be questioned on pronunciation, translation and sound of the word

** Compose your personal selections of phrases to give consideration to what you need

** The quiz experience has been enhanced and is now rather more customizable. You can both be taught progressively some words, or evaluation a complete batch of words with out repetitions.

** Furigana (hiragana above kanji to explain how it is pronounced) is now available for each sentence. You can choose to show them or not in the course of the quiz.

** You can choose between a dark and a lightweight theme for the application

The earlier versions was not fully free however now all the options are free : all sort of quizzes, furigana, search and to create your listing of words.

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