Math Solver

Math Solver

By Shakti Malik

Math SolverMath SolverMath SolverMath SolverMath Solver

Solve Math issues and Plot functions.

Math Solver is a full featured scientific calculator and graphing calculator with widest vary of capabilities available.

Solves issues in Basic Math, Algebra, Complex Numbers, Trigonometry, Integral and Differential Calculus, Set Theory, Matrix and vector Algebra

Solve equations and system of equations

Find derivatives, definite and indefinite integral

Support for trigonometric inverse-trigonometric and hyperbolic functions

No network entry required! Works offline

It has a offline Catalog with details of every function with instance.

Note: Free version accommodates ads! In-app upgrade to PRO model to make it ad-free.

* Enter multiple comma separated functions to plot them.

* Press again button to make graph full display screen by hiding keyboard

* Press on any instance in Catalog to copy it to Solver tab

* Trigonometric functions default input is in radian i.e to calculate Sin(90Degree) to calculate Sine of 90 degree.

Note- 1:- It doesn't remedy word issues.

Note- 2:- It doesn't show steps to unravel a problem. It clear up shows last reply.

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