Revive The Sunnah

Revive The Sunnah

By Revive The Sunnah

Revive The SunnahRevive The SunnahRevive The SunnahRevive The Sunnah


- Over 500 sunnahs to revive (The app with the most sunnahs on android)

- Sunnahs of Salah to achieve perfection!

- Each sunnah backed by hadeeth with reference.

- Sunnahs explained with commentary from the scholars

- Adhkar of day, night time, morning, evening and after prayer(all separate)

- Did you Know details about Islam

- Chat room for questions

- Prayer/dua requests

- Sunnahs of Friday

- Sunnahs of Ramadan

- Makkah reside 24/7

- Ability to share every sunnah

- Lots of reading material

- Islamic parenting with manners and etiquettes to show kids

- Read, Learn, Implement, teach others, ahead and make it a sadaqa jariah for yourself!

More options coming soon!!!

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