Statmagic PRO - Statistics Calculator

Statmagic PRO - Statistics Calculator

By D. Johnson

Statmagic PRO - Statistics CalculatorStatmagic PRO - Statistics CalculatorStatmagic PRO - Statistics CalculatorStatmagic PRO - Statistics CalculatorStatmagic PRO - Statistics Calculator

Statmagic PRO has helped 1000's of scholars learn stat and end their homework sooner. It eliminates tedious and error-prone number-crunching, and has built-in instruments that can assist you keep away from frequent mistakes -- all whereas making stats clearer and simpler to be taught.

Statmagic PRO is the best, easiest-to-use app for learning stats. Why?

• Simplicity. Statmagic makes use of the simple and familiar commonplace calculator structure.

• Automatic graphics and plots, so you possibly can visualize what’s occurring. For occasion, you presumably can lastly skip the confusing Z table -- Statmagic mechanically graphs and calculates the world (probability) underneath the conventional curve, for any Z or T score.

• Press and maintain definitions. Every input area has an on-the-spot definition, so you'll have the ability to rapidly remind your self what every statistical image means, and enter the right value for it.

• Error checking. Statmagic automatically checks for typos and anomalous numbers, that can help you stop mistakes. (For example, if you select a Z take a look at when n is 30 and the standard deviation isn't known, Statmagic will politely suggest a T check instead!)

• Complete results. From the standard error to the Z score, to the p-value and reject Ho? conclusion, Statmagic calculates and returns every important value for each take a look at. (And Statmagic PRO’s calculators have been examined exhaustively to guarantee that they return right answers, first and foremost!)


• User-specified reply rounding.

• Extensive help material for every subject, with (1) step-by-step instructions, (2) explanations of the logic and formulation at work, and (3) example problems, which may be entered into a calculator on the tap of a button.

• Integration with Statmagic's online studying movies, which clarify the core concepts of a semester-long stat course in less than 2 lectures' time.

With its 17 calculators, Statmagic covers the commonest subjects of intro stat courses, each with its own assist web page and memorable instance problems. These are:

• Descriptive stats (mean, quartiles, normal deviation, etc.).

• Hypergeometric chance (with an auto-filling formula).

• Normal distribution (Z or T scores, with an automated curve graphic and actual probabilities).

• Binomial, Poisson, Gamma, exponential, and steady uniform probability distributions.

• One- and two-sample checks of mean (Z, T, and Welch tests).

• One- and two-sample exams of proportion.

• Confidence intervals (for a mean or a proportion, that includes a full, auto-filling CI method, so you presumably can see how the CI is constructed).

• Minimum N of a pattern (for measuring a true imply or a proportion within a set margin of error).

• Least-squares linear regression (with a scatterplot that colors outliers, and a tool to calculate a predicted y utilizing the regression equation).

• Chi-squared (which immediately calculates all intermediate expected and Chi-squared values, together with full test results.)

Learn statistics efficiently, and end your stats homework quicker. Learn, practice, and grasp stats with Statmagic PRO!

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