Network Info II (Donate)

Network Info II (Donate)

By Alexandros Schillings

Network Info II (Donate)Network Info II (Donate)Network Info II (Donate)Network Info II (Donate)Network Info II (Donate)

Same as free model but I buy a cup of espresso :)

2.1 model of Network Info

Shows data in regards to the telephone and the present network, Bluetooth, IPv6 and Cell connection.

It additionally reveals your public/external IP hostname.

Only goes on-line to get and resolve the basic public IP by way of my own server and to remotely resolve it (see notes below). Initially the application was additionally using however, as the server appears to be continually down it was eliminated.

No ads.

Information shown

•Device IP and hostname, both personal and public.

•Current mobile Cell and any neighbours, together with their sign power, location information and kind.


•Information about the current cell supplier (MCC MNC, present connection, etc.)

•The Android gadget distinctive ID.

•Full info concerning the WiFi connection (MAC, current SSID and BSSID, hyperlink pace, IP/Netmask, Gateway, DNS and DHCP servers, and so on.)

•Your current location according to Android based mostly on your community neighbours. No GPS is needed or used.

•Information relating to Bluetooth standing, the current Bluetooth connection(s) and data about previous pairings.

•IPv6 gadget and router IP addresses for all system interfaces (see notes, this could now work for everyone).


•This is an enlargement of the 'Network Info' utility, to help more phones primarily based on the two.1 Android API.

•I only have a GSM/UMTS telephone. If anything humorous happens on any other telephone type, email me and I will attempt to repair it.

•This application will connect with the community solely to fetch your external IP/Hostname (using and No other data is sent (my policy is located below).

•Please email me about any bugs or options you need. I can not see all market feedback and I am not notified when someone does comment.

•The IPv6 half should now work for everybody. If that isn't the case for you, please email me ([email protected]) so I can attempt to fix it. If potential, download 'Under the hood' from the market and ship me the outcomes via export.

•If you want to present the Vendor which owns a MAC address, download 'MAC (OUI) Database' from the market (it is considered one of my applications) and use it to obtain a replica of the OUI database.

•In model v0.5.2 I added remote hostname decision which is your public hostname as is resolved by my server. It should be the identical as your external hostname, until there is a record propagation delay or your DNS server is mendacity (like some house routers which resolve their external address as a local hostname). My server is hosted by 1and1 so this will be unreliable should you use the identical DNS servers.

•'Ext. Hostname (L)' is the hostname your gadget resolves your external IP (local resolve).

•'Ext. Hostname (R)' is the hostname my server resolves your external IP (remote resolve).

•'Field Test' is a hidden application which comes put in in HTC phones. The menu item will solely appear if the 'Field Test' is put in in your telephone.

Known Issues

Samsung units do not show Neighbouring Cells. This is an issue in Samsung's Android implementation and there's nothing I can do.

Privacy Statement

I don't acquire any data which can directly and uniquely identify and/or bind a consumer to a device or any other private info. When you retrieve your external IP tackle, my server will log a standard web site “hit” which is the same as if you browsed a page on my server utilizing a browser. No different information is logged or saved.


Please email me with any bugs/problems/feature requests. I can not reply to market comments which may make debugging difficult.


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