Silent Castle

Silent Castle

By Aliboo Studio

Silent CastleSilent CastleSilent Castle

***Tips ****

This game entails scary images which will cause physical discomfort. This is Parental Guidance Recommended game to the players that minor beneath the age of 18. It is also recommended that some people who find themselves sensitive to excitement and frightening video games withdraw from this game.


It's darkish and something broke into the fort ------

Watch out! Soul Reaper on the prowl! BANG!!! BANG - it is furiously attacking the doors of the rooms.

Close the door and hide in your beds now! Build your protection in opposition to the Soul Reaper collectively.

Features ******

Different modes - You can choose to be a survivor or a Soul Reaper

Lots of highly effective props and tools - get extra gold and techniques to make use of totally different props, completely different characters can make the props work better!

MVP rewards - Be the winner!! More rewards are waiting!

Begginer Login Reward - Reward for exploring the fort for the first time!


If a red countdown seems, leave the corridor instantly or nobody will have the flexibility to assure your safety within the fort.

Please don't comply with other individuals into the room. If you enter a room and discover someone in mattress, depart the room as soon as possible. If you can't depart the room, please begin the game once more.

Go to bed after getting into the room and get gold by sleeping, you ought to use your gold to construct gear. Don't get out of bed no matter what occurs, and do not get out of bed if IT breaks in ------.

If a Soul Reaper breaks the door, press the repair button to repair it.

If you find that the sunshine in someone's room is damaged, don't check the room and don't take anything from the room.

There are secret rooms within the castle, should you step in it by chance- go away immediately. If you spend cash on these mysterious props, it can't ensure that the Soul Reaper won't go mad------.

Taking pictures and taking pictures movies in the castle are forbidden. Once caught, you will be unable to enter the fort.

It's late at night, so get a good night time's sleep within the castle ------

Build a line of protection in your room and attempt to defeat the Soul Reapers.

Shh, it’s coming------ .

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