Pyramid Solitaire Fun

Pyramid Solitaire Fun

By Classic Solitaire Games Ltd.

Pyramid Solitaire FunPyramid Solitaire FunPyramid Solitaire Fun

Pyramid Solitaire Fun is considered one of the best basic gameplay of solitaire card games. It takes methods, abilities, and logic to clear the board in the recreation. There are hundreds of random solvable offers so that you can take pleasure in. You will discover that it is a super stress-free and entertaining card game. And it’s quite a difficult and fun approach to practice your brain.


- Classic Pyramid Solitaire Gameplay

Nothing beats timeless pyramid solitaire card game. It’s liked by hundreds of thousands of card sport lovers and performed worldwide daily.

- Creative Pyramid Solitaire Game

Not only do we offer traditional pyramid solitaire gameplay, but in addition there are “Star Chest” rewards for you. Win more video games to open the chest and get particular card backs and themes!

- Beautiful Interfaces Animations

There are lots of well-designed card face kinds, card back patterns, background themes and winning animations for you to select.

- Challenging AddictiveSolitaire

Be ready to get pleasure from an irresistible adventure of TriPeaks Solitaire for hours, because that’s how interesting it's.

- Handy Tools for You to Play

You can use “tap to move”, “drag drop”, limitless “undo” and “hint”, offline mode, customizable themes and extra. Whenever you get caught, don’t overlook to make use of “Magic Wand” for help!

- Daily Challenge to Get Crowns

Feel like a master? Try daily challenges and get crowns! Three challenges with completely different difficulties will be updated daily.


- Pair movable playing cards that equal to thirteen by number

- Ace equals 1, Jack equals eleven, Queen equals 12, King equals 13

- No joker included

- Remove pairs to reveal more cards

- Draw playing cards to pair with those on the pyramid

- Try to pair all of them earlier than the draw pile runs out

- Clear the pyramid to win the game


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Come and play this addictive and enjoyable card game and problem your self NOW!

Pyramid Solitaire is normally played with a regular deck of 52 playing cards (without jokers), 28 in the pyramid and 24 within the draw pile. The pyramid has 7 layers and seven starting movable cards at the backside. To win Pyramid Solitaire, are cards within the pyramid must be paired and removed. Movable cards are those that aren't overlapped by any other ones. If two movable cards have a complete worth of thirteen, they are often paired and eliminated. A King could be eliminated alone because the worth is thirteen by itself. If there’s no pair obtainable within the pyramid, deal a card from deal pile and try to proceed the pairing. To win a Pyramid Solitaire, all playing cards in the pyramid ought to be removed before the draw pile runs out.

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