Insilentium: Fantasy CCG

Insilentium: Fantasy CCG


Insilentium: Fantasy CCGInsilentium: Fantasy CCGInsilentium: Fantasy CCGInsilentium: Fantasy CCGInsilentium: Fantasy CCG

Let the blizzard of epic card battle spin you in Insilentium - probably the greatest on-line tcg and ccg games ever.

Build your deck, challenge different players everywhere in the world and turn into one of many legends!

Combine totally different races to make your deck actually unique, handle your sport technique and ways to overcome the battlefields of Insilentium!

Original core gameplay and mixture of CCG and TCG style games makes the Insilentium really distinctive - and it’s obtainable for free! Would you dare attempt something totally new in a deck constructing game? Do you prefer storyline or epic PvP duel battle?

In-game features:

- authentic core gameplay with 3 lanes battlefield

- immersive game lore for true fantasy lovers

- unique art type

- original characters, each with its own storyline


Five races. 120 card characters, and every has its personal magic, energy, weakness, and elegance of play.

Strategic pondering is significant for victory in a card game, so mix them correctly to overcome the world of the dead and defeat your enemies in PvE or PvP duel!


Balanced gameplay is the primary characteristic of the sport. There's no overpowered decks, so master your expertise and make no errors to win. Show your ultimate skill in epic PvP battle! If you ever played games like Hearthstone, Magic the gathering or Legends of Runeterra you already know all the fundamental mechanics and everything is dependent upon you.


The game art style follows the traditions of old-school fantasy. If you like the type of gwent and different darkish fantasy video games you could be impressed by our magic world. Choose your favourite card and share it with your friends to immerse them into Insilentium!


The recreation itself relies on the same name story. Every magic creature of Insilentium world has its own storyline and future. Playing character with a story just isn't the identical as throwing playing cards, right?

Insilentium was conceived as the world of the dead, inhabited by 5 races: people, deaths, robots, creatures of the Astral and the Nature.

Deaths are almost indigenous inhabitants of the gloomy world, as a end result of they’re really useless. At the highest of the deaths is the insane King, who at the daybreak of time fell into Insilentium by accident, and the thirst for revenge and justice forever changed his mind ... In battle, deaths are primarily choked with debuffs.

People enter Insilentium through a portal, and out of pure probability and curiosity. They attack all residing things, half-alive and dead, and the watake are exceptionally good, like many of the fallen ones.

Robots are a parasite of the world of the dead, a race managed by Artificial Intelligence from the human world. How AI infiltrated from world to world remains to be seen for gamers. They show themselves well in defense.

Astral creatures can hardly be known as inhabitants, as a result of they're a half of the world, primordial and uncontrollable chaos. The recreation combines completely different mechanics. Chaotically aggressive.

Insilentium is a magic world of the dead, but not a dead world. It has a peculiar Nature, and it protects itself much more aggressively than the long-suffering nature of the Earth… Pretty good at healing and regeneration though.

There are legends among people concerning the Altar, having reached which, a person can return from the world of the lifeless back. But the King of the Dead additionally needs the Altar so as to return to his world - and take revenge…


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