Dice Adventures Roguelike Game

Dice Adventures Roguelike Game

By Craft Game World

Dice Adventures Roguelike GameDice Adventures Roguelike GameDice Adventures Roguelike GameDice Adventures Roguelike GameDice Adventures Roguelike Game

Your Favorite Dice Game

Dice Adventures is a flip based roguelike recreation the place you equip your hero with cards. And you activate the cards with the assistance of dice.

Lots of random dungeons, dozens of enemy varieties, tons of of cards, and hours of gameplay!

Roll Dice to Win the Dicey Battles!

The mechanics of battles are based mostly on a simple precept. Your hero is provided with cards. Each card is a special capacity that can be utilized in battle. At the beginning of every flip, you roll cube and use them to activate cards.

Dice Mechanics Battles

The fight system is based on dice. Basically, every die is an motion point that can be used to defend your character or attack an opponent. With leveling up the principle character, you'll obtain extra cube in battle, which means more alternatives for action.

Explore the Dicey Dungeons

The goal of each dungeon run is to seek out and defeat the boss. But this isn't that straightforward. You might need to go through several floors, defeat dozens of enemies and upgrade your character. You will find chests, shops, change offices, blacksmiths, and different unique elements of the random dungeon.

Different Characters

At the start of the game, only one character is on the market - Dicey Knight. But over time, their quantity will improve to six. Each hero has a novel combat mechanic in his dungeon run. This creates unique gameplay with every hero. You will meet 2 more heroes in the recreation: Trickster and a Magician.

6 game modes

For every hero, there are 6 completely different episodes. Each episode differs not only in distinctive dungeons and dicey enemies but also in distinctive random recreation features. Somewhere basic abilities work in a special way, someplace the enemies are stronger than traditional. And someplace all battle cards go crazy and behave differently than you may be used to.

112 Gaming Cards

Currently, there are 112 sport playing cards in the sport. Each card is a unique skill for fighting an opponent. Some cards are large, they occupy 2 cells within the character's stock. And some are small — occupy 1 cell. Your hero has only 6 cells, so it’s the utmost amount of cards for the dicey battle.

We hope you enjoy the recreation. And you'll leave us positive suggestions. Thank you!

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