Output Messenger

Output Messenger

By Srimax Software System

Output MessengerOutput MessengerOutput MessengerOutput MessengerOutput Messenger

Output Messenger is designed to use as a personal safe messenger for your Office. This intranet messenger improves internal communications, business productiveness and relationships with colleagues inside Office.


This app requires a Server application to be installed and operating in your server.

The Public IP Address or Domain title of the server working host ought to be offered in this app to connect with server.

For more particulars on buying installing Output Messenger:


This Android Mobile app extends the ability of Output LAN Messenger to your Smartphone Tablet bringing Instant Messaging, Group Chat, File Transfer and several other options. Software features are tailor made to improve collaboration between groups to work together effectively within workplace campus's and distant websites. The On-premises server and high level encryption know-how ensures privacy and confidentiality for internal communication within the small, medium and corporate environments, hospitals with HIPAA regulations, and within the government and banking sectors.

Android App Desktop Features:

• One to One Private Text Chat

• Group Chat, Chat Room, Chat Group

• Send Files

• Send Voice Message

• Take Photo, Video and Send

• Scribble Pad

• Send Buzz

• OTR – Off the Record Messaging

• Read Notification

• Online Status

Additional Features for Desktop:

• Desktop Sharing Screen Sharing

• Voice Video Calls Conferencing

• Remote Desktop Screen Sharing

• Announcements, Internal Mailing, Sticky Notes, Remainders

Why this LAN Messenger?

• Easy to Use

• Quick Installation by anybody within 1 minute • Works in LAN, WAN, Wifi, VPN, Multiple Sub Networks, Terminal Service and Internet • Works in Windows, Mac, Linux, Browser, Free App for iOS and Android Phones Tablets • Customizable Chat Server Client Settings

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