Al Quran Memoriser

Al Quran Memoriser

By Greentech Apps Foundation

Al Quran MemoriserAl Quran MemoriserAl Quran MemoriserAl Quran MemoriserAl Quran Memoriser


Al Quran Memoriser is a Quran Memorisation device for all.

It provides the following options:

• Quran studying from Madani Mushaf.

• Ability to Change memorisation Status of Ayah.

• Ability to log phrase points.

• Ability to log ayah points.

• Several downloadable recitations for verse by verse recital

• Ability to Test Your expertise: ayah matcher, phrase matcher exams.

• Quick show/hide ayahs for quick memorisation checking.

• 5 Themes.

We are open to listening to your suggestions to make Al Quran Memoriser one of the best Quran Memorisation utility for Android, in sha Allah.


• Quran Complex for his or her fonts.

• for his or her database server and Audio Mechanism.

• With The Quran and Al-Muhaffiz apps for inspiration and a few information.

• Various different brothers sisters helping with the venture. May Allah bless all of them.

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