Equine Anatomy Learning Aid (EALA)

Equine Anatomy Learning Aid (EALA)

By Debranne Pattillo

Equine Anatomy Learning Aid (EALA)Equine Anatomy Learning Aid (EALA)Equine Anatomy Learning Aid (EALA)Equine Anatomy Learning Aid (EALA)Equine Anatomy Learning Aid (EALA)


View, be taught and quiz yourself!

Veterinary terminology and vocabulary

Directional terms

External landmarks and surface anatomy

Skeletal system

Muscles in detail


What’s included?

Built in individual muscle flash playing cards that can be adjusted to your studying and testing level for origin /insertion, perform and/or innervation.

Beautiful paintings of muscular tissues plates and bones to label

Illustrations and images adopted by a number of alternative solutions and/or labeling

The app helps the text: Anatomy of Equine Bodywork; The Equinology® Approach in addition to the EQ50: Equine Anatomy Distance Study course. It is suitable for all college students and practitioners interested in studying or reviewing the equine muscular tissues and skeletal systems.

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