Mishnayot Kehati

Mishnayot Kehati

By Ariel Waitzberg

Mishnayot KehatiMishnayot KehatiMishnayot KehatiMishnayot KehatiMishnayot Kehati

The complete Mishnayot Kehati in Hebrew English with Bartenura and Mishna Sdura

Professional Audio studying of the Entire Mishna Sdura and of the Kehati

The utility was produced Leshem Shamaim and is free to obtain and has no advertisements

After preliminary download, no further internet connection is required Except to hearken to the audio.

No permission requests.

Texts included:

The Six Orders of the Mishna of the Revered Tanna Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi

The popular trendy anthology of commentaries by Rabbi Pinchas Kehati including introductions

The conventional commentary of Rabbenu Ovadya of Bartenura

The readable text and format of Mishna Sdura by Rabbi Elijah Dordek

The English translation of the Mishna and of the “Kehati”

The App has many person friendly features:

Mishna Sdura / Block textual content view – press Mishna Sdura icon

Show Mishna / Full Perek – press icon, swipe to proceed

Toggle English / Hebrew – press icon

Select English or Hebrew menus

6 fonts, customizable font sizes

Cream yellow background eases eye-strain

Night Mode - white text on black background

Customizable Split screen - Mishna / Perush

Search textual content of the Mishna

Mishna Yomit and Perek Yomi schedules

Last discovered Mishnah is saved for subsequent time


*In order to keep away from wasting the present Mishna, click the star icon with a plus signal

*To go to the saved Mishna, click on the bookmark text

Select Mishnayot by letters of the beloved one's title for Yahrzeit / Memorial Anniversary studying

*Full Perek or a single Mishna

*Listen to an audio lesson on a Mishna for every of the 22 letters

Listen to studying of the Mishna and Kehati

Listen to reading of the total Perek of Mishna Sdura

Copyright statement:

This App was developed on behalf and with written permission of Mishnayot Kehati Company, which retains all rights to the Kehati commentary

The English version of the Mishna and “Kehati” was published by the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency’s Eliner Library

Mishna Sdura features had been developed with written permission of Mishna Sdura Rabbi Elijah Dordek, who retains all rights to Mishna Sdura textual content and it’s layout

Audio of Mishna Sdura and Kehati was recorded by the Central Library for the Blind, who retains all rights to the recordings.

It's a Mitzva to Share this app! :-)

Opportunity to donate in the course of the costs of the server

Opportunity to donate to the Central Library for the Blind, and assist document further Torah Texts

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