Treatment of depression in schoolchildren

Treatment of depression in schoolchildren

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Treatment of depression in schoolchildrenTreatment of depression in schoolchildrenTreatment of depression in schoolchildren

Depressive problems in childhood and, particularly, in adolescence happen far more usually than they're recognized. Given the wide spread of this pathology, the complexity of prognosis, therapy, rehabilitation of schoolchildren and students, a serious medical and social prognosis, publications on these issues are a really related subject for practical healthcare and the prevention of socially vital ailments.

The work proves that:

1. The mixture of psychotherapy and physiotherapy is more practical in adolescents aged 13-18 than in sufferers aged 7-12, and the simultaneous use of psychotherapy and reflexology is more practical in kids aged 7-12 than in patients aged 13-18.

2. The use of 1 train remedy was significantly more effective in male patients than in female patients, however, different gender differences in the strategies used weren't important.

3. The mixture of all three methods used to treat despair was simpler than monotherapy and non-drug remedy complexes, apart from an insignificant distinction from the combination of psychotherapy and train therapy, whereas not depending on the age of sufferers.

4. The resistance of patients to respiratory hypoxia decreases, and the time of visual-motor response will increase with non-psychotic depressive issues in adolescents.

5. In depressive problems of the non-psychotic level in adolescents, the consumption of B nutritional vitamins (thiamine, pyridoxine, niacin, riboflavin) is considerably decreased.

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