Rufoof - Yaqut previously

Rufoof - Yaqut previously

By Yaqut

Rufoof - Yaqut previouslyRufoof - Yaqut previouslyRufoof - Yaqut previouslyRufoof - Yaqut previouslyRufoof - Yaqut previously

• The most popular Arabic eBookstore with 1000's of free Arabic eBooks.

• Unprecedented Arabic help.

• Beautiful Arabic calligraphy with a quantity of fonts and re-flowable pages to perfectly suit your display.

• Blazing quick full-content 100% accurate Arabic search.

• Lighter and faster than all other eBook readers.

With unprecedented Arabic support, Yaqut brings you the largest assortment of Arabic eBooks for free.

If you love reading Arabic books, with Yaqut you'll rediscover the enjoyment of reading Arabic on your tablet or smartphone. Yaqut allows you to obtain hundreds of Arabic eBooks for free and is designed to display the content with astonishing calligraphy constructed from the ground up for the Arabic language.

With multiple fonts to choose from with re-flowable pages to completely fit your device display screen, studying Arabic eBooks on Yaqut is as gratifying as print books. In addition to that, Yaqut has first-class Arabic search to get you accurate outcomes each time in a blink of an eye fixed.

Yaqut key options are:

1- Radically faster book loading:

Unlike other eBook readers, where opening an eBook would take a great 6 to 10 seconds on a high-end device, eBooks on Yaqut open in a blink of an eye. That’s because of our preparatory technology which preprocesses CPU intense operations on the server aspect earlier than the eBook is downloaded.

2- Superior Arabic search:

Yaqut pre-indexes the content before downloading. Here is what this allows us to do:

- Search the whole e-book effectively. Other eBook readers are only in a place to search in the currently open chapter.

- Display search ends in a split of a second. Other eBook readers need to linearly look into the content to match with the search phrase.

- Retrieve extra results for multi-word search phrases. Other eBook readers are only capable of do a precise match while Yaqut can retrieve all related outcomes and rank them correctly even if the end result doesn't exactly match the search phrase.

3- Better reading experience:

- Hand picked Arabic fonts

- Arabic-style paragraph justification

- More textual content on display with panorama mode support

- Seek Bar to rapidly and simply navigate through pages

- Magnify and zoom images

- Easier to spotlight and share text

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