The Nine Books Collector

The Nine Books Collector

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The Nine Books CollectorThe Nine Books CollectorThe Nine Books CollectorThe Nine Books CollectorThe Nine Books Collector

The Nine Books Collector is probably the most correct and complete Islamic utility for the science of hadith Namely, Awn al-Ma’bood, Explanation of Sunan Abi Dawood and Tuhfat al-Ahwadhi, Explanation of Sunan al-Tirmidhi and Hashiyat al-Sindi on every of Sunan al-Nasa’i, Sunan ibn Majah, Sunan al-Darimi and Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. In the hadith to find the Sunni pearls in the guidance of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace .

* The narrators of hadith *

Definition of the narrators of the noble hadiths, the hadith, the chain of transmission of the nine books.

* Search *

Advanced word search, partial. From a hadith or hadith number, in addition to searching by e-book chapters.

* Thematic tree *

Thematic division of the complete hadith of the nine books.

* Ruling and type of hadith *

* To decide the hadith from, appropriate, good and weak, as properly as the kind of hadith if it is marfoo’, mawqoof, qudsi, or categorized. Hadith *

Extracting the hadith and presenting the events and proof

* Participation *

Share the hadith via social media.

* Notes and favorites *

Take notes and add hadiths to favourites.

* Display settings *

Change the font type, size and shade, disguise or show the document, and the flexibility to show the application in night time mode for straightforward reading.

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