Al Quran in Indonesian

Al Quran in Indonesian

By the WALi studio

Al Quran in IndonesianAl Quran in IndonesianAl Quran in Indonesian

Assalamualaikum wr wb

Another different utility of the Indonesian Quran from the WALi studio, full with 114 letters in tajwid colour in each verse of the Koran.

Features :

- Offline Indonesian Quran, no must obtain information first

- Colored Tajweed that can be turned on or off

- For audio mp3 qori for free

- Indonesian Ministry of Religion normal translation of the Koran in Indonesian

- Transliteration / Latin letters in each verse

- Arabic and Latin font sizes could be large/small right


- Bookmark verses

- Search for meaning in the Koran

- Share on Facebook and Twitter

God prepared, will most likely be helpful for all Muslims

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