By Valuart


HADEM is a creativity-fueled immersive metaverse powered by Valuart, a boundless area within the Multiverse, residence to Art, Design and Entertainment the place visitors turn into one with the surroundings.


Because by now technology has accustomed us all to its immersive potential, but was nonetheless lacking the final piece to unleash its full power. More than usually, present technique of leisure technology actually boast their attention-grabbing capabilities however really make spectators extra passive than lively. People wish to really feel things. But more than anything, people need to have a particular area to rejoice creativity and have an active role in the vision they support…And we wish to present that.

That’s exactly why inside HADEM, every room is not a destination, but rather a journey through the senses. This sensorial journey begins with the creation of your very own avatar and access to Metavanity, Vanity Fair’s meta-museum, the place 12 doorways will open to you and permit you to expertise Digital Art first-hand. As your journey in HADEM continues, anticipate different thrilling doors to unlock…With even more events and skins to add to your private space! Welcome on board.


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• Avatar Customization

• 3D Immersive Interactive Environments

• VAL AI Support

• LIMBO device to schedule events and collect skins items

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• Multiplayer quickly to be launched

• New rooms to explore

• New skins to collect


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