Miner Gun Builder

Miner Gun Builder

By Germapur Apps

Miner Gun BuilderMiner Gun BuilderMiner Gun BuilderMiner Gun BuilderMiner Gun Builder

This is my first app. I put a lot of effort in it, hope you prefer it :)

You are the captain of an area ship and fly via missions to earn cash. With the money you can buy parts to construct your weapon in your house ship. You can also purchase larger and better ships which may match extra components. Building a small weapon is straight ahead, however later you presumably can build extraordinarily robust weapons when you use the out there area properly.

Features of Miner Gun Builder are:

- 8 Captains with custom skills

- one hundred handmade missions

- Infinite procedural created worlds

- 32 Ships

- fifty one Achievements

- fifty two Weapon components

- 73 skills in the skill-tree

- Your own alliance you presumably can invite friends into

- over possible weapons !!!

The sport is a light-hearted model of an arcade house shooter which has substantial depth relating to the mechanics.

If you like to tinker round and optimize stuff - that is the game for you.

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