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In this visual novel impressed by Greek mythology, you play as Ariadne and it's up to you to guide Asterion and Theseus out of the labyrinth.

Place your cellphone in the light to talk to Theseus, or in the shade to talk to Asterion. But be careful - the more you assist one of them, the extra the opposite will get misplaced. Help them make the best selections as you face up to plenty of completely different risks, uncover the secrets of the maze and perhaps handle to set them free.

Their fate now rests in your hands. Will your crafty, knowledge, perseverance and talent be enough to help you make the best choices?

• Play the first chapter at no cost (about 1 hour of play)

• Unlock the total recreation with an in-app purchase

• A new gameplay based mostly on your phone's gentle sensor

• A contemporary adaptation of the parable of the Minotaur and the labyrinth

• Actions that immediately influence the way in which the story plays out

• An immersive story full of twists and turns with 8 various endings

• A wealthy universe with 5 chapters and 10 mazes to explore

• A dark and mesmerising atmosphere

Note: Unmaze makes use of your phone's light sensor to adapt the expertise to your light setting, together with altering characters in the course of the sport. The function is just to research your light setting, no knowledge shall be recorded. The game can't run and not utilizing a working mild sensor.

An interactive fable by Frédéric Jamain and Nicolas Pelloile-Oudart,

written with Thomas Cadène, the author of the comics Summer, Fluid, Alt-Life...

and illustrated by Florent Fortin.

Produced by UPIAN, HIVER PROD, edited and co-produced by ARTE, the European TV and digital culture channel. With the support of CNC, MEDIA EUROPE CREATIVE, RÉGION ILE-DE-FRANCE, LA PROCIREP.

© Upian - Hiver Prod - ARTE France - 2021

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