Pango Pirate : Adventure game

Pango Pirate : Adventure game

By Studio Pango - Preschool apps and Learning games

Pango Pirate : Adventure gamePango Pirate : Adventure gamePango Pirate : Adventure gamePango Pirate : Adventure gamePango Pirate : Adventure game

The treasure hunt begins!

Pango is a famous pirate! EMBARK on his boat geared up with a cannon and a black flag. TRAVEL the seas with him. Seek journey from island to island. EXPLORE a world stuffed with humorous pirates, tropical animals and friendly sea monsters. Onward, ho, sailor!

A RIDDLE awaits you on every island. Will you be succesful of unravel its mystery?

OPEN a secret passage, FIND YOUR WAY though a labyrinth, REBUILD misplaced monuments, ACTIVATE a strange mechanism, or SORT seashells...

Your mission: FIND 21 unimaginable treasures and BRING THEM BACK to Pango Island.

A recreation to sharpen your sense of direction!

A recreation of OBSERVATION since you'll need LOGIC and SKILL to resolve the puzzles!

With Pango, use your IMAGINATION!

To learn more:


- EXPLORE an ocean populated by 10 islands and several sea monsters

- SOLVE over 30 simple puzzles

- COLLECT 21 treasures and tons of of coins

- No stress, no time limit, no competition

- Beautiful scenery and flawless character interaction

- Perfect for children ages 3 and older

- A simple, practical application

- Internal parental control

- No in-game purchases and no invasive advertising

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