※This is the English version App of 「EPHEMERAL -The residents within the dark-」

A captivating dark fantasy with engaging illustrations. A romantic adventure recreation for you---

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◆Recommended for you if…

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‧ If you have an interest in romance video games or otome games

‧ You wish to play a recreation very greatest quality otome

‧ You like fantasy

‧ You like tales that happen on a campus

‧ You like manga and shojo anime (for girls)

‧ You are excited about werewolves and vampires

‧ You want to learn a serious story

‧ You want to read a narrative with sweet words that will speed up your keystrokes.

‧ You wish to read a narrative stuffed with jokes.

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The village of the protagonist Chloé (you can change her name) is surrounded by obstacles that make resembles a cage.

As well as all of the residents of that village, she is a zombie.

Before the tip of s u life, many zombies decide to kill themselves. However, despite this, life in the village is extraordinarily calm and peaceable...

One day, an admission letter from a prestigious and unique school reaches Chloé. Students of all races attend there. Chloe, keen to find the skin world, feels very fortunate.

Werewolves, vampires, mummies, invisible males, and so on...

Live with these charming residents of the dark! charms of campus life!

Cloé realizes the forbidden love overpassed races there――

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◇Shiba (Werewolf)

Cheerful, he likes pranks and helping others, which is why he is likely considered one of the most popular boys within the class. Although he appears to be a smart and assured person...

◇ Nagi (Invisible Man)

A good student and the kindest individual in the class. Despite his harmless look, he's very honest and disciplined. For all this, the darkness that he hides is so stunning...

◇ Ray (Vampire)

Arrogant and born in a golden cradle. Being a member of the higher class, he is very happy with his race. The magnificence makes him irresistible, so the protagonist draws his consideration instantly.

◇ Natsume (Mummy)

Calm down, he seems to reside in his own world though can not help however draw the eye of the class. Despite being a low-class mummy, his demeanor is uncannily refined and elegant. He is an incredible being.

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◆ System

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All characters have 10 episodes and 2 potential ending episodes. Both the prologue and the first episode are free.

As the story progresses, you'll have to make certain selections. Depending on what you select, the character's perception of you'll enhance. Make certain he thinks highly of you so he can obtain the Happy Ending!


◆Basic Information

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‧ Free obtain (some elements of the stage must be purchased).

‧ Memory required: no less than a hundred MB.

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◆About the creative company


About Hunex Company,

Our spirit is 「Bringing dreams, excitement and braveness to increasingly people.」, so we now have created lots of of social video games. Now we use our expertise, expertise and energy to provide the absolute best quality video games for cellphones.

Our greatest identified works

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