Witch #39;s Pranks: Frog #39;s Fortune

Witch #39;s Pranks: Frog #39;s Fortune

By Icestone

Witch #39;s Pranks: Frog #39;s FortuneWitch #39;s Pranks: Frog #39;s FortuneWitch #39;s Pranks: Frog #39;s FortuneWitch #39;s Pranks: Frog #39;s FortuneWitch #39;s Pranks: Frog #39;s Fortune

This hilarious hidden object journey takes you on a puzzle quest for love. Meet colourful fairy-tale characters and remedy tons of mini-games to ensure a cheerful ending.

Game features:

★ Quirky hidden object puzzles to twist your mind

★ Top-notch toonish graphics and 3D cutscenes

★ Cutest animal characters and a surprising depraved witch

★ Numerous puzzle games, including jigsaw and sliding puzzles

★ Best mood guaranteed!


Once upon a time…

An elderly and ambitious witch decided to realize her dream and wed a prince charming. The solely hassle was that all noble bachelors seemed to be engaged. All of them had been picked up by beautiful princesses. Back then a cunning plan germinated in her dark soul - to turn the princes into frogs until and until somebody agrees to marry her. So, now you would possibly be tasked with a enjoyable quest to help frog princes reach their lovely brides so as to remove the witchcraft by kiss of love. You are going to flee a dungeon, release a princess in the tower, learn a few magic spells and far more to achieve your goal in this entertaining level n’ click on game.

Though, amusing storyline and laughable movies are not the only great features of this family-friendly journey recreation. Witch’s Pranks: Frog’s Fortune is somewhat a point and click adventure than your odd discovering video games. It has almost no hidden object scenes, but quite find-and-apply puzzles. For instance, you must acquire all jewels and place them on a e-book cover. Or, otherwise, you should brew a potion by picking different elements from the shelves and blend them in the appropriate sequence. Please, mind that some places are scrollable, which makes finding objects tougher.

Apart from the above described puzzlers, this adventure provides numerous classic logic video games. These are snakes sliding puzzles, and a starlight game. In the latter you want to rotate a picture to match a blueprint. Other brain-twisters are mostly matching games of various genres. In other phrases, this quest is extra about wandering and pondering than looking for hidden objects. So summon upon your logic abilities and good humor to solve all brain-teasers. In any case, the Hint button is all the time there to assist you progress via this comical HOG.

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