Ailment: space pixel dungeon

Ailment: space pixel dungeon

By Ivan Panasenko

Ailment: space pixel dungeonAilment: space pixel dungeonAilment: space pixel dungeonAilment: space pixel dungeonAilment: space pixel dungeon

Searching for a model new second games with interesting and engaging story? Or are you in search of breakneck immersive battles in a pixel dungeon setting? Or maybe your goal is to seek out one thing like a roguelike recreation with a story? If so, then Ailment is best option for you!

Ailment received some nice nominations and awards and also grew to become one of the Best indie Games of 2019 on Google Play Store with over 500 000 downloads.


This indie game story takes place on a spaceship in a far-far galaxy. The main character wakes up in a med bay after being unconscious for 3 days and he sees that all of his crew grew to become enemies. The last item he remembers is returning from another spaceship where he had a rescue mission. But he arrived everybody on that ship was already dead... He has to remember what happened to him and type out this thriller.

You’ll be fighting together with your former crew, colleagues and pals, as they need you dead now, you’ll be helping you pals who remains to be sane and haven’t received infection but, and you’ll be trying to survive this bullet hell nightmare using tones of weapons.


Ailment has sci fi ambience and old-fashioned retro vibes of pixel artwork 2nd games in addition to indie games. It also has survival horror elements and sometimes scary ambiance, which makes the story more participating. You definitely going to like it going via this path of adventure. Even although you’re on a spacecraft you continue to get those hardcore dungeon crawler elements as the levels are built in the dungeon like type.

This adventure shooting sport is stuffed with references to some sci fi motion pictures as well.


In this prequel of Ailment, you’re going to fall in love with liveable and talkative characters, their funny jokes and good humour that break a bit this horror and darkish atmosphere to make you loosen up and prepare to get into motion in next hardcore battles with infected enemies.


There’s an enormous arsenal of guns that you have to use to defeat you’re the whole military of these contaminated zombie like enemies, to outlive and uncover the whole story of illness, and the way this infection appeared on this spaceship.


To maintain you engaged until the very finish this indie journey sport has good variety of ranges with cool mechanics such as: tower defence style, runner fashion, motion taking pictures style, quest style

PVP on-line multiplayer:

Get guns, change characters’ skins and challenge your mates or player all over the world in PVP Multiplayer mode, show them what your worth!

And now simply to sum up all the good characteristic of Ailment:

* Tons of various weapon

* Variable game-play mechanics

* Brutal animations

* Atmospheric music and sound effects

* Ability to bring NPCs with you

* Liveable and talkative characters

* Good humour

* Hardcore gameplay

* Intriguing story

* Super easy controls

* Hardcore boss fights

* Adventure like plot

Ailment doesn’t require internet connection (totally offline), so you presumably can play wherever: in a mattress, at house, on a plane, in a bus, in metro, in any transport!

So If you’re a hardcore player and an enormous fan of enter the gungeon, alien games, pixel dungeon video games, fallout, second video games, indie video games, 90s retro games, motion shooter or adventure games with roguelike components, survival games, you should stop doing no matter you’re doing, download and play Ailment right now! And you’ll have amazing hours of gameplay engaged with this cool story and it’s twists!

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