Just Trap

Just Trap

By ShimmerGames

Just TrapJust TrapJust TrapJust TrapJust Trap

A contemporary indie recreation offered by Shimmer Studio!

Lots of monsters are chasing after the little girl!

How to rescue her?

Lead her a safe means and use traps to defeat the monsters meantime!



Tap and maintain to control the little lady to run around.

Find out how the traps work and how to use them.

Eating candies to release special skills

Be careful!Traps are additionally dangerous to the woman.


- One finger contact game

- Amazing graphics design

- Inventive monsters like toy dinosaur, toy tank and coloful blocks

- Various attention-grabbing traps like pit trap, electrical trap, pen entice, etc

- Original particular skills

- Unlock infinite challenge mode afer 50 level

- Watch out! It's really hard

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