Mama Hawk

Mama Hawk

By ComputerLunch

Mama HawkMama HawkMama HawkMama HawkMama Hawk

Rule the skies, feed the children, and shock your prey as the fierce however caring Mama Hawk.

Experience freedom of flight and love for household on this fast-paced parenting simulator meets side-scrolling journey.

Your babies’ survival is dependent upon your speed, talent, and evasive maneuvers! Show no mercy!

• Over one hundred ranges of animal-grabbing, baby-feeding, free-flying enjoyable, each with a variety of challenges like obnoxious skunks, prickly porcupines, and bipolar clouds.

• Five beautiful worlds: autumn, mountain, backyard, forest, meadow.

• Over 25 unique animals will make you recognize the fantastic thing about nature! And then you definitely feed them to your kids!

• Unique artwork type the place coloring guide meets Saturday morning cartoon

• 20 stylish Outfits from Mama to collect

• Simple, one-finger management scheme is simple to learn, but with a sky-high ceiling for mastery. When you get actually good at Mama Hawk, the sport soars (pun intended).

• Who needs to be a superhero whenever you can be MAMA HAWK? She can choose up animals thrice her size, and won’t hesitate to drop a cute bunny into her nest of hungry babies.

• Collectible ladybug cash unlock superior upgrades and power-ups, like Buff Wings and Health Upgrades.

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