Dead Zombie Battle (Green Blood Version)

Dead Zombie Battle (Green Blood Version)

By Neofree Games

Dead Zombie Battle (Green Blood Version)Dead Zombie Battle (Green Blood Version)Dead Zombie Battle (Green Blood Version)Dead Zombie Battle (Green Blood Version)Dead Zombie Battle (Green Blood Version)

# The Green Blood Version of Dead Zombie Battle.

A zombie horror shooter (FPS) game during which you battle zombies.

Recruit squad members(NPC) who will battle on their very own, and experience the battle with the zombies using varied weapons.

#NPC: non-player character.

Game Background

Year 20xx, an unknown illness breaks out all over the world and folks begins to show into zombies.

Soon, the entire world grew to become a place unsuitable for humans due to zombies.

A very few people who find themselves immune to the virus gather in one city and struggles to outlive.

You should buy weapons and gather squad members to battle the undead zombies to be able to save town.

Main Features

- Stunning 3D graphics

- A sensible sense of hitting the target

- You can benefit from the recreation in 33 varied fight environments.

- 15 realistic weapons (rifles, machine gun, shotguns, grenade launcher, submachine guns, handguns, minigun, RPG) give off an correct sensation of using the true thing with their firing rate and such.

- You can add up to 6 squad members(NPC) to your staff, who will carry out combats on their very own.

- You can assign the specified weapon for each squad member.

- It may be easily loved with straightforward and intuitive controls.

- A variety of zombies with pure movements.

- The sport ambiance of apocalypse

- Endless Mode

- Leaderboard

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