Tanks of War

Tanks of War

By Azur Interactive Games Limited

Tanks of WarTanks of WarTanks of WarTanks of WarTanks of War

Attention players! We're still developing this game, so please please e mail us when you find any bugs/errors. We always learn all the suggestions we get about our video games.

Get prepared for some real tank battle action! TANKS of WAR places you in the drivers seat of your own armored car souped-up with all the newest tech. Your mission: destroy enemy tanks quicker than they destroy you. Perfect for die-hard tank battle and tactical shooter fans alike.


Combat modules together with totally different energetic and passive tank attachments, corresponding to napalm, x-ray and other goodies. Show off your strategic and tactical skills in battle along with your mastery of different modules. All tanks may be outfitted with any module.

Team battles

Roll into huge group battles with a good technique and crush any enemy tank in your path!

Tons of different tanks, from the classic Challenger 2, to self-propelled guns like the K9 Thunder. Pick your tank to counter your opponents' decisions and let strategy do the speaking.

Matchmaking for automated participant search and selection based mostly on ranking. The better you play, the tougher your opponents! Plus if you want to practice, you'll be able to at all times hone your skills towards bots.

ELO ranking system so the world knows the higher you drive your tank, the higher your rank and the tougher your opponents. Every time you rank up, you unlock new tanks and talents. Fight in your place on the prime and do not let your opponents get away with any free points!

Realistic 3D graphics. Insanely detailed tanks and maps are straightforward on the eyes for die-hard tank battle and tactical shooter followers alike.

Arenas. Several totally different maps with tons of places to take cowl, a few of which could be destroyed (buildings or water towers) to reach who's hiding.

Leaderboards. Compete with gamers from around the globe for the coveted prime spots. Earn free bonuses and respect within the community!


Complete day by day duties, destroy your enemies and get free cases. Play daily to get max rewards and bonuses!

Stable web connection required. You can even play against bots to enhance your abilities and get used to new tank models.

Download the sport now! It's free to play and also provides certain in-game components for buy.




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