CATRIX : Clash of Cats

CATRIX : Clash of Cats


CATRIX : Clash of CatsCATRIX : Clash of CatsCATRIX : Clash of CatsCATRIX : Clash of CatsCATRIX : Clash of Cats

A 3D cat motion recreation with incredible combat!!!!

A sequel of Rags to Riches that recorded 1 million downloads!

One hundred years have handed after the hero Jack from the Rags to Riches, an unique game of this sequel disappeared from the earth. A cat NIX has woke up within the earth the place robots acquire control!

A story of finding its cat mother or father (Jack) who disappeared one hundred years ago whereas combating towards robots!

A fascinating story that starts from a cushy story and turns into more intriguing as time goes by with twists and foreshadowing!

The perfect juicy action

- Maximizing “juice” with classy but temperate effects

- Continuous efforts on the “juiciest action” by making use of Camera Shaking, SFX, Motion Capture Animation, Motion Sync, Vibrate, Text Animation, Time Scale.

Impressive fight system with a physics engine


Collide bullets each other, just like the scenes in movies!


Infinite mixture action by utilizing Knockdown Crowd Control skills in a one-versus-one preventing game!


Hit the enemy by ricocheting bullets on the wall, penetrating enemies or using guided/smart cartridges. Various physics impact of projectiles.

Various sport modes to keep away from repetitive combat

- CRUSH BOX : Crush every field within the map! Stress-free and reward coins are byproducts!

- 1 vs. one hundred : A match for a hundred! Unparalleled battle mode! The cat's favorite milk is the reward (EXP)!

- EVADE : Escape from bullet rains for one minute! Learn the avoidance strategies and get merchandise rewards!

- BULLET FIGHT : Ricochet the trajectory by colliding enemies' projectiles along with your bullets!

- 1 vs. 1 : Let the most effective cat win! Enjoy dynamic combats and construct your cats as a reward!

- MEGA BOSS : Battle with a big boss! If you analyze its pattern and take the boss down, you'll get a rare reward!

Strategic play with 5 attributes

- Strategic sport using the compatibility between 5 attributes

- Enjoy your battle 5 instances extra with five different attributes and effects!

- FIRE : Continuous pyrokinetic damage. The hearth will spread to your cat without the distinction of your side every time you're close to the burning characters.

- WIND : Pulling enemies to the middle of your whirlwind and decreasing their motion pace.

- METAL : Additional harm. Stun enemies for a while.

- LIGHTNING : Electric shock damage. Receive a shock when your cat is close to the damaged enemies.

- WATER : Slows the enemy's motion, assault pace, and motion pace.

Various practical convenience for users

- Based on many forms of research on mobile joystick operation, it mechanically helps automated and manual aiming according to the situation.

- Few buttons solely to implement limitless actions since cellular UI cannot provide many buttons

- Health gauge is underneath the toes of a personality to permit the user to focus on the play

- To easily acknowledge where UI Floor customers are in, UI is developed in the form of STACK UI

- Simulation middle for character performance check to eliminate manual repetitions

- Support low-power mode

- Camera impact: ON/OFF perform for users who feel uncomfortable for digicam shaking that exists for hitting the sense

- Special effect: ON / OFF function for customers uncomfortable with numerous effects for hitting sense.

- Vibration impact: ON / OFF operate for users snug for haptic (vibration) to manage their characters

- sixteen languages pack applied

- Cute cat dance!

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